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We are a team of industry professionals who came together to fill a need in The California Cannabis Industry. We are known throughout as Cali's Top Team for Cannabis Facility Development, Cannabis Specific Real Estate Site Audits and Cannabis Facility Sales & Marketing. You came to the right place. 

Coachella Valley Region CA


Dispensary Retail, Delivery- Option 99 Plant Grow, Light Manufacturing

​Lease with multiple extension option (s)

Approx. 3500 Sq Ft

Gross Daily Income Avg; $25,000


Turnkey $7,000,000

Coachella Valley Region CA


Dispensary Retail, Micro Business License City- Real Property Included

Grow up to 10,000 Sq Ft
Non Volatile Manufacturing, Delivery, Distribution

Building size approx. 4500 sq ft over 1/2 acre lot.

Turnkey $3,500,000

Northern Ca, Santa Barbara County, CA


Dispensary Retail- Preoperative- Real Property Included.

5000 Sq Ft Structure  oversized Convenient Parking with 28 + spaces

City Licensed Retail, Delivery. Tenant Improvement  needed for completion along with the State App.Structure, License, Additional Parking (Parcels) 


Turnkey $2,250,000

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